Information for non-Dutch language speakers

The Ceder School is an international private Christian elementary and secondary school located in Boskoop. The Ceder School started in the 1999 as a private elementary school with six children. For the next eight years the school resided in a building owned by the Waddinxveen’s playground association.

In 2007, with help from the local municipality, the school moved to its previous location on the Mauritslaan. In the 2012-2013 school year the Ceder School became an international school for both elementary and secondary education. In 2016 the school was relocated to Boskoop to a building at the Kievitstraat 2. The school takes no government money, but is financed by tuition fees paid by parents. The Ceder School complies with all Dutch education regulations.

The goal of the Ceder School is to offer an education inspired by the Bible and integrating a Christian lifestyle. We believe that character development goes hand in hand with the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Monday through Thursday school is taught in Boskoop. On Friday the children have assignments that they complete at home.If you wish to speak with a teacher or to ask a question about the school, we refer you to the information on the contact page.


The curriculum at our international school is based on an English program called Accelerated Christian Education (ACE). This curriculum is used by thousands of schools worldwide. It includes English, Math, Science, Social Studies and a wide range of electives for the older students. This programme offers students the following advantages: Each subject is taught from the perspective that God is the Creator of all things, and that his Word is the touchstone for our lives.

Individual program

Each student can work at the level and speed that best suits his individual abilities. The ACE programme approaches the curriculum according to a carefully developed lesson plan that encourages students to take responsibility for their progress. A teacher, when necessary assisted by a monitor are always available to help individual students when needed.


While working at the ACE programme, conversations are conducted in English. During Dutch language classes, geography and history, we speak in Dutch. During the afternoon, there is also time for arts, music, and many other activities. The elementary school students practice speaking English. Students first master reading Dutch before learning to read English.

Compliance with the law

The school is supervised by the British ICCE. The ICCE is officially accredited by the Dutch Ministry of Education. Dutch language education is supervised by the Dutch Ministry of Education (OCW). The Ceder School complies with all Dutch education regulations.


Students graduate with an International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE). Certificates correspond to comparable levels in the  Dutch school system varying from VMBO to VWO. Graduates have been accepted to leading universities both in England, e.g., Cambridge and Oxford, and on Continental Europe. The ACE curriculum is not yet well known in the Netherlands. We expect this to change, however, since the Dutch government recently recognized ICCE certificates as equivalent to their Dutch counterparts.

The British National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) provides guidelines for testing and comparing qualifications. The NARIC has evaluated the ICCE General and Advanced Certificates and found them comparable to the Cambridge International O and A levels.